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Investates LLC | Real Estate Investors in WA


Investates is a private Real Estate Investing company that works to provide low cost Real Estate to individuals and businesses in Indiana state.  Our goals are to not only offer low cost housing to those of low or moderate income, but also to reinvest in those same communities.

We’d like to provide a unique real estate solution that will aid immigrants, working poor, as well as, start up businesses. When we buy homes or land, the money go into roads, schools, and public works.  It creates a stable environment for children.  Investates wants to keep the American dream of home ownership alive.


If you are an investor, land developer,  Real Estate professional or future home owner we invite you to revitalize communities by bringing forward housing opportunities for all.

There is an old saying about a rising tide lifts all boats, well, we believe that this is absolutely true.  Investates believes that a good solution benefits everyone.

All of us working together to reinvest in the community helps both the investors and those who will benefit from the investment through affordable home ownership.

Are you looking to invest in a real estate venture?  We can help. Give us a call. # 206-245-6593.

We serve in the Fort Wayne area