About Us

Investates LLC

Intestates, LLC is a private investment company working with a state government to lend a helping hand to local communities. We offer a low-cost real estate solution to companies or individuals within the local community.

We also offer a wholesale prices for commercial real estate, residential properties, and undeveloped land. By purchasing real estate from us, you will help local communities build and repair roads and pay salaries to school teachers and schools. Money from these sales will go towards this goal.


Our long term goals include:
– Helping local immigrants find a job or/and a place to live.
– Making their housing affordable. We are working with companies, such as VM Consulting Services, who provide social services to immigrants and to local Washington residents.
– Helping build women shelters to stop homelessness and help single mothers get on their feet.

We are also working with reliable title companies and reputable real estate lawyers. Right now, we are working in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. Soon, we will be expanding to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Indiana, Arizona and Illinois.